I am gobsmacked SPEECHLESS!

I took my first 5 drops of Hempworx at 8:00 PM. By 9:30 PM, these are the changes I’ve noticed:

Daily Headache/Migraine – Zero! Nada! Zip! Zilch! I am gobsmacked SPEECHLESS! I can’t tell you the last time I was headache free! I have tried every prescription known to medical doctors. Nothing ever worked to completely eliminate my varying degrees of headache to migraine. I would get a break for a while with heavy duty pain killers which either knocked me out of my socks or made it impossible to stay awake. I am fully awake and attentive.

Fibromyalgia: The muscles in my body have stopped twitching and spasming. About a 10% reduction in pain.

Transgeminal Neuralgia: The spasming and pounding inside my ear has completely stopped! About a 10% reduction in pain in my inner ear; 50% reduction in pain in my jaw. 25% reduction in pain down neck.

Diabetes: Blood sugar dropped from 398 to 241. I will be able to take 6 less units of fast acting insulin tonight! Still at 70 units of long acting insulin.

Diabetic Neuropathy: About 30% reduction in pain.

Tinnitus: About a 5% reduction in volume. (Hey, I’ll take whatever I can get! The ENT who first diagnosed me said that there is NO treatment for Tinnitus, and no cure. Eventually, the Tinnitus would go away on its own, but I would also lose my hearing at that point.)

Needless to say, I am excited to see what results my next 5 drops of HempWorx will bring! I have been on Social Security Disability for the past 14 years. Absolutely anything that can be done to help improve my health, or provide less suffering is greatly welcomed.

Kay Marie

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