Pets are part of the family and deserve the same treatment. 

I give my 2 dogs 1 drop a day on their treat and add 4 drops daily to their water bowl that they share with my 2 cats 😊
So far in almost 1 month using Hempworx ( less than 1% THC and nothing but CBD and Hemp Oil with a tiny amount of peppermint) My Miss Molly has 2 lumps down by 50% in size, a third lump I can barely feel  She is 10 and had injured her hip bout 6 months ago, had been afraid to jump on and off couch since then. Not anymore !! She’s full of energy and playful like a pup.
Mr. Boogaloo had several bumps under his skin, the vets called hot spots. Almost like pimples that never come out. 25% of those are gone 😊 He scratched under his armpits (leg pits lol) non stop and they would get raw and bloody (I use eczema cream) which barely worked and I’d have to watch to make sure he didn’t lick it off.
He barely scratches and hasn’t drawn blood in over 2 weeks 
My female cat Miss Mièle who was very overweight has gone down in size quite a bit and is much more playful 😊
My male cat Mr. Mouki is a huge ball of fur and puked up haiballs at least once a day. He barely pukes up 3 a week.
I have no kids … These are my fur babies and I will do anything to keep them around & healthy as long as possible 

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